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Keynote Speakers:
Dave Teichroeb, Enbridge Inc. “Innovative Storage and Ontario’s Need to Attract Investment”
Judith Judson, Customized Energy Solutions “The Case for Economic Deployment of Energy Storage Technology”
Panel 1  
“NRCan Initiatives supporting energy storage and recent experience”
Panel 2
“Why Ontario? An overview of R&DD and the capacity for innovation”
                John MacRitchie, Ontario Centres of Excellence
                Ravi Seethapathy, HydroOne
                Dan McGillivray, Ryerson University
Panel 3 
“Moving Forward with Energy Storage – The Developers’ Perspective”
                Rob Harvey, Hydrogenics
                Curtis VanWalleghemCEO Hydrostor
Panel 4 
“Sector Coordination and the economic opportunities for energy storage in Ontario”
                Jon Dogterom, MaRs Discovery District
                Annette Verschuren  CEO NRStor
                Brian Hewson, OEB
                Sonya Konzak, CEATI

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2012 Distributed Energy Storage Conference: Challenges & Opportunities

Conference Sponsors:  Natural Resources Canada, Ontario Ministry of Energy, Ontario Centres of Excellence and Science Concepts Inc.

Background to this conference:

the perfect storm that creates a need for commercialized energy storage solutions in this province:

  • The need to implement smart grid strategies that maximize the utility of the existing electricity system and which guides prudent investments in new grid infrastructure.
  • A persistent surplus of base load generation capacity at night when demand is low
  • The growing contribution from renewable but intermittent sources of electricity
  • A small but rapidly developing storage technology sub-sector in Ontario, and a new wave of entrepreneurs   who are driving this development.



Join us on November 27, 2012 for an exploration of how energy storage technologies could become a valuable component of the ‘smart’ electricity grid – particularly in a distributed modality.  Expert panelists, industry leaders and key decision makers will participate in discussions around market opportunities, implementation challenges, technology applications and proposed next stepsInvited Keynote Speakers:    Representatives from EPRI and the Energy Storage Association – Pilots, Activities and Lessons learned

Four Major Themes and Panels:

  1. Overview of Energy Storage R&DD and Capacity for Innovation in Ontario
    Moderator: Carole Champion, (Director Cleantech OCE)
  2. The Views of Technology Developers – and LDC Partners
    Moderator: George Cadete, (Director Commercialization, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation)
  3. Potential Applications and Economic Opportunities for Energy Storage in Ontario
    Moderator: Ken Nakahara, (Manager, Smart Grid and Networks, Ontario Ministry of Energy)
  4. Afternoon Breakout Sessions –  recommendations under 3 themes:
    a) Enabling Utilities and the Value Proposition
    b) Public Policy for Technology and Market Development
    c) Storage Technology Entrepreneurs – best way forward?
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Provisional Agenda



Intro and Purpose

  • Robert Stasko CEO, Science Concepts Inc.
  • opening remarks and outline of conference objectives
KEYNOTE 1 :   “Innovative Bulk Storage and Ontario’s Need to Attract Investment”

  • David Teichroeb, Business Development and Emerging Energy Technology Enbridge Inc.

Slide deck of 20 to 30 min’s to focus on energy storage concepts that leverage existing assets in the natural gas sector but also enable emerging storage technologies.

“NRCan initiatives supporting energy storage and recent experience”a)     Technically Speaking … NRCan Activities in Canadab)     a Debate on Storage versus Demand Response

Presenter & Moderator: Jennifer Hiscock, S&T Advisor, NRCan)
Debaters: Angelo Gravina, VP Canadian Business Unit (S&C Electric), Ron Dizy, CEO (Enbala)

 Networking BREAK
“Why Ontario ?” an overview of R&DD and the capacity for innovation in this provinceModerator:

  • Carole Champion, Director Industrial Engagement, OCE


  • John MacRitchie, Managing Director Central Region, OCE
  • Ravi Seethapathy, Manager, Systems Innovation & Advanced Grid Development, HydroOne Networks
  • Dan McGillivray, Director Urban Energy Institute, Ryerson University

The panel will review the current status for storage in Ontario, highlight ongoing R&D, global opportunities for Ontario storage companies, and speak to the need for future development to meet electricity system needs.   In addition, what pieces need to be put in place in order to make Ontario a leader?

“Moving forward with Energy Storage in Ontario – The Developers’ Panel”Discussion with technology developers and suppliers in OntarioModerator: George Cadete, Director Commercialization, Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation Panelists:

  • Curtis VanWalleghem, CEO Hydrostor
  • Cam Carver, CEO Temporal Power
  • Raj DasGupta, Vice President Electrovaya
  • Rob Harvey, Director Energy Storage, Hydrogenics
  • Carmine Pizzuro CEO eCamion


Short presentations by each developer to discuss technology and deployment.  Followed by a group discussion focused on the advantages/disadvantages of deploying technology in Ontario and where barriers exist.

KEYNOTE 2:  Judith Judson, Chairperson, Energy Storage Association (ESA) Advocacy Council (US) “The case for an economic deployment of energy storage technology  – and lessons learned” Presentation of about 20-25 minutes with some Q&A
Sector Coordination and Economic Opportunities for Energy Storage in Ontario” a panel discussion with key stakeholders in this emerging market Moderator: Ken Nakahara, Manager Smart Grid and Networks, Ontario Ministry of Energy. Panelists

  • Jon Dogterom, Cleantech Practice Lead, MaRs Discovery District
  • Annette Verschuren  CEO NRStor
  • Brian Hewson, Senior Manager, Networks and Smart Grid Reg. Policy, OEB
  • Sonya Konzak,  Program Manager CEATI

An examination of how Ontario’s experience with modernizing its electricity infrastructure is opening opportunities for energy storage technologies, and how utility-private partnerships can leverage those opportunities in order to generate economic benefit for the Province.

Working GroupsPanelists and attendees would be split into three groups and asked to develop recommendations in response to one of four questions:1. Utilities and Storage (Facilitator: Mark Tinkler, Customized Energy Solutions)Background: One of Ontario’s smart grid objectives is to encourage innovation by “nesting within smart grid infrastructure planning and development the ability to adapt to and actively encourage innovation in technologies, energy services and investment/ business models” (OEB Directive, Nov 2011). As gate keepers to the integration of new technologies and systems onto the grid, utility participation in the development of local storage solutions can have a tremendous effect on innovation.

Framing Questions: Thinking about the potential value propositions from storage, what are the key factors that utilities could address in their operations, planning and partnerships or programs to support local economic growth in the storage market while meeting their other performance criteria?

2. Public programs/policy for technology and market development (Facilitator: Dr. Jose Etcheverry, York University)

Background: Government and public agencies play instrumental roles in technology and market development through policy, programs and regulation. Sometimes too much too soon can be as damaging as too little too late.

Framing Question: Thinking about storage, what are the best mechanisms for ministries and public agencies to create relevant and effective policy and programs to support a healthy storage industry in Canada?

3. Storage Entrepreneurs – the way Forward (Facilitator: Jesika Briones, MaRs)

Background: If local storage companies are to be successful, there are a number of internal and external factors that have to align. Having access to the right resources is critical, but much of the strategy and planning comes down to the vision and expectations of the company and the client.

Framing Question: What kind of projects and partnerships do you need to see in order to answer the lingering questions you have about storage and market development in Canada? What would be the best ‘value-add’ role for the proposed Clean Energy Institute?

“Natural Gas and Storage for the Electricity Grid”

  • Carole Champion, OCE


Report from Conference on Oct. 30

“Closing Remarks”- Distillation of recommendations collected from working groups in session 11.

  • R Stasko, CEO, Science Concepts International

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