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Transmission/Distribution System Futures? : Distributed Generation and the Future of Ontario’s Electric Grid

Session 4: Transmission/Distribution System Futures?

This session is devoted to alternate visions of the On- tario electricity grid. Will it (or should it) be the tradi- tional model of large scale generating plants located a long distance from load, or will it be more focused on the distributed generation model with genera- tion embedded within large load centres? While the latter model minimizes the need for new transmis- sion lines, it raises an entirely new set of issues with respect to meeting local reliability requirements.

Chair Bryne Purchase, Executive Director, Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy


Jan Carr, Corporate Director and fomer CEO of Ontario Power Authority

Don MacKinnon, President, Power Workers’ Union Steve Dorey, Vice President, External Relations,

Hydro One Networks Inc. Robert Stasko, Director Business Development,


George Todd, President, George Todd Consulting

and Policies, Ontario Power Authority

Ontario Centre of Excellence for Energy