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DES Download Conference Presentations

Keynote Speakers:
Dave Teichroeb, Enbridge Inc. “Innovative Storage and Ontario’s Need to Attract Investment”
Judith Judson, Customized Energy Solutions “The Case for Economic Deployment of Energy Storage Technology”
Panel 1  
“NRCan Initiatives supporting energy storage and recent experience”
Panel 2
“Why Ontario? An overview of R&DD and the capacity for innovation”
                John MacRitchie, Ontario Centres of Excellence
                Ravi Seethapathy, HydroOne
                Dan McGillivray, Ryerson University
Panel 3 
“Moving Forward with Energy Storage – The Developers’ Perspective”
                Rob Harvey, Hydrogenics
                Curtis VanWalleghemCEO Hydrostor
Panel 4 
“Sector Coordination and the economic opportunities for energy storage in Ontario”
                Jon Dogterom, MaRs Discovery District
                Annette Verschuren  CEO NRStor
                Brian Hewson, OEB
                Sonya Konzak, CEATI

DEScon Toronto 2012 Photo Gallery

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