Energy Storage Canada


Industry Association to Offer New Platform, Expanded Value to Members


Toronto, September 28, 2016 – Energy Storage Ontario (ESO) today announced it is rebranding to become Energy Storage Canada – a move that reflects the industry association’s expanded advocacy and engagement at the federal level on behalf of members.

The change provides a stronger platform to build the market for energy storage across Canada to achieve multiple benefits: improve the flexibility and resiliency of the power grid for electricity system operators and customers, offer a proven channel for federal and provincial climate change initiatives, and drive economic development and innovation.

“Rebranding as Energy Storage Canada reflects the growing interest and momentum in the energy storage industry across the country,” says Patricia Phillips, Executive Director.  “We need to capitalize on the opportunities in order to realize the economic and environmental value of energy storage on a broader scale for utilities, businesses and residential customers.”

Energy storage adds value at all points in the energy system. It can increase the value of the energy produced by other sources and adds capacity value to the system. It can act as a load and as a generator and provide a range of balancing services both short-term and long-term such as capacity and congestion management and ancillary services. It allows for the deferral of costly transmission and distribution infrastructure investments. And storage can help consumers manage energy in their own homes.

As Energy Storage Canada, the association will continue to focus on expanding the energy storage infrastructure in Ontario, a leading jurisdiction for energy storage in North America.   The association will also leverage the strength of its membership of technology providers, project developers, power generators, local electricity distribution companies, and NGOs to advocate for regulatory changes to open other storage markets in Canada.

The new website address is

Federal engagement activity will build on achievements made by Energy Storage Ontario since 2013. In Ontario, the association has made energy storage a key focus for policy makers by driving awareness about the value energy storage delivers, working to create a competitive market, promoting economic development, and ensuring regulatory fairness. Among other successes, the association was instrumental in advocating for a 50MW energy storage procurement in the province’s 2013 Long-term Energy Plan.

Energy Storage Canada (ESC) is the voice of leadership in energy storage in Canada and represents the full supply chain of energy storage. ESC focuses on advancing opportunities and building the market for energy storage through advocacy, knowledge-sharing, networking and stakeholder education.

For more information, contact:

Patricia Phillips – 416-575-8539

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