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Smart Metering & Advanced Metering Infrastructure Conference & Exhibit


Hydrail Conference


Dates:  Thu, 06/11/2009 – Fri, 06/12/2009

Location:  Charlotte, NC USA

The Focus: The Fifth International Hydrail Conference agenda departs somewhat from the first four IHCs in that it focuses on three featured subjects: (1) mass carbon-free hydrogen production technologies to fuel hydrail trains and other vehicles; (2) the economic importance of avoiding commitment to new externally powered rail lines – especially for streetcars; and (3) hydrogen fuel cell streetcars: the hydrolley and its revolutionary significance for urban transportation planning.

Spotlighting Canada: Canada’s long-standing leadership role in hydrail introduction will be emphasized. The Canadian Consulate to North Carolina plays a major role in producing this year’s Hydrail Conference.

Conference Presentations

Thursday June 11, 2009

Prologue Speakers

• Robert Stasko, University of Ontario – Promising technologies for producing industrial scale hydrogen with low or zero carbon emissions

• Dr. Barry Burks, Charlotte Research Institute – Welcome Why CRI Is Hosting This Years IHC

• Jennifer Roberts, Mecklenburg County Commission Chair – Welcome

• Jason Hoyle, Appalachian State University – Brief History & Origin of the International Hydrail Conference

• Dr. Alistair Miller, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. – Why Rail is the Best use of H2 & The Environmental Urgency

Mass Production of Hydrogen Fuel for Hydrail

• Kevin Major, University of North Carolina at Charlotte – Nanocatalyst-based hydrogen production

• Dr. Bill Summers, Savannah River National Laboratory – High Temperature Thermochemical Water Splitting Using the Sulfur/Iodine Cycle