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Fourth Annual Colloquium on Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies

Building on the success of the last four years, the Queen’s-RMC Fuel Cell Research Centre (FCRC), Kingston and
the National Research Council Canada (NRC), Ottawa announces the Fifth Annual Colloquium on Fuel Cell and
Hydrogen Technologies.
This year’s colloquium features the following invited speakers:
• Dr. Shawn Litster, Carnegie Mellon University
• Dr. Warren Mabee, Queen’s School of Policy Studies
• Dr. Joshua Pearce, Queen’s University
• Mr. Robert (Bob) StaskoOntario Centres of Excellence
The objective of the colloquium is to provide a forum for presenters and attendees to learn and exchange
valuable experiences concerning the following topics:
– PEMFC and SOFC Modelling
– PEMFC and SOFC Materials and Manufacturing
– Fuel Cell Applications and the Hydrogen
Economy (portable, stationary, transportation)
– Alternative transportation fuels