Monthly Archives: July 2008

Symposium on Alternate Energy and Global Synergy

Support from Funding agencies:

Chair: Dr. Richard Cheung, ELCE Dept, Ryerson U.

• Mr. Robert Stasko, Director, Business Development, Ontario Centres of Excel- lence, (OCE) Centre for Energy

• Mr Bharat Rudra, Country Manager International science and Technology Part- nerships (ISTP) Canada Inc

• Dr. William Dobson, Director, Ontario Region, Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

Vision and Objectives

1. Brainstorm on viable / implementable technologies to be developed through R&D efforts on “Alternate Energy” in view of climate change, global warming, interna- tional commitments and depleting fossil fuels.

2. Identify technologies for local and global applications.

3. Identify the role of stake holders- Universities, Industry, Govt./Funding Agencies (National and international) and Utilities/ User Agencies- in this effort.

4. Identify possible teams comprising individuals and organizations for specific pro- jects.

5. Prepare a roadmap to implement the above ideas for follow up.

6. Discuss workable mechanism to carry out R&D efforts for the desired goal – de- velop transferable technologies leading to demonstration projects in the field.

7. Discuss mechanism of international cooperation in these efforts to effect ‘Global Synergy’.