DES Download Conference Presentations

Keynote Speakers:
Dave Teichroeb, Enbridge Inc. “Innovative Storage and Ontario’s Need to Attract Investment”
Judith Judson, Customized Energy Solutions “The Case for Economic Deployment of Energy Storage Technology”
Panel 1  
“NRCan Initiatives supporting energy storage and recent experience”
Panel 2
“Why Ontario? An overview of R&DD and the capacity for innovation”
                John MacRitchie, Ontario Centres of Excellence
                Ravi Seethapathy, HydroOne
                Dan McGillivray, Ryerson University
Panel 3 
“Moving Forward with Energy Storage – The Developers’ Perspective”
                Rob Harvey, Hydrogenics
                Curtis VanWalleghemCEO Hydrostor
Panel 4 
“Sector Coordination and the economic opportunities for energy storage in Ontario”
                Jon Dogterom, MaRs Discovery District
                Annette Verschuren  CEO NRStor
                Brian Hewson, OEB
                Sonya Konzak, CEATI

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