Taking Plug’nDrive Ontario to the Next Level

Plug’nDrive Ontario aims to make Electric Vehicles (EVs) a reality for everyone in Ontario through partnerships with government, electricity companies, car and infrastructure manufacturers, researchers, NGOs and other commercial partners. Plug’nDrive is dedicated to creating public awareness and promoting the environmental and economic benefits that EVs can bring to Ontario.
Plug’nDrive Ontario will be the leader in facilitating the transition to electrified automotive transportation in Ontario and will be the ‘go-to’ place for information about electric vehicles and infrastructure in Ontario.
Mission and Priority Focus Areas
Plug’nDrive Ontario is a not-for-profit coalition of electricity companies, auto makers, researchers, government agencies, NGOs and commercial partners engaging in activities that will accelerate the adoption of EVs and maximize the environmental and economic benefits that EVs can bring to Ontario. This mission can and will be achieved by adopting the following three priorities:
1. Education and Awareness
Engage in educational and awareness activities that will clearly communicate the environmental and economic benefits of EVs such that consumers and businesses will begin to make the switch.
2. Research
Engage in research that fills gaps identified in the white paper or as identified by industry as necessary to advance EV deployment.
3. Infrastructure
Promote the development of EV infrastructure, particularly night time/home charging solutions as well as critical public infrastructure.
Executive Team:
Cara Clairman, President and CEO
Robert Stasko, VP Business Development
Josh Tzventarny, Director Operations and Planning
Board of Directors
1. David Collie – CEO, Electrical Safety Authority
2. Dennis Edell – CEO, Rain 43
3. Len Griffiths – Partner, Bennett Jones Law Firm
4. Jim Keech – CEO, Kingston Utilities and Chair of EDA
5. Don MacKinnon – President, Power Workers Union
6. Tom, Mitchell – CEO, Ontario Power Generation
7. Gerry Smallegange – CEO, Burlington Hydro
8. Lawrence Zimmering

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